A film by Jessica Sison - 5 minutes

In this day and age, when everything is documented and even cell phones have
cameras, one woman has no souvenirs or photos of her beloved mother.

Meet Elena Bautista, 99 years…YOUNG.

"Our jury was completely unanimous when it came to your film. ... Everyone, including myself, absolutely loved it.
What a little gem it is."
Danika Dinsmore, WIFFBC Festival Chair

"A harrowing, yet inspirational look at an elderly woman confronting death that resonates long after the credits roll."
Aly Comingore, The Santa Barbara Independent

"Such a charming and beautifully rendered film. It makes me smile on every viewing and had such a positive impact on
our audiences—there was so much happy, grateful murmuring in the theater as the credits rolled. I think we've all fallen
in love with Elena!"
Joanne Parsont, Programmer, SF Indie Fest

"An elegant film I want to see again and again."
Song Chen, Documentary Filmmaker

"You will want to call your own grandmother at the end of this movie. I certainly did."
Rachel King, Fast Company

"Endearing and moving"
Andre Monserrat, Director, Something Real Film Festival

Dr. Mauro Tumbocon, Director, FACINE: The Filipino American Cine Festival

"A Blessing"
Reverend Felicity Wright, Arlington Community Church

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